Please set aside the appropriate amount of time for your reading with Syd.
Be in a comfortable spot quiet and undisturbed. Ask others to please allow you privacy during your reading.
Please prepare a list of questions or topics that you would like for Syd to focus on during your reading

If you plan to use a cell phone for your reading, please ensure that you are in a place where you receive excellent (clear and unbroken) reception, and also that you will have sufficient battery life for the duration of the call. Difficulties with cell phone reception can greatly impact the success of your reading and may result in prematurely terminating your reading.

Please do not use speaker phone or any other distracting device that may negatively impact your reading and Syd's ability to connect.
Syd does not record his readings as electronic devices can interfere with Spirit's messages. Please do feel free to take notes.

All payments are made safely and securely through Paypal. You do not need to have an account in order to proceed as paypal will accept debit and credit cards on our behalf.

Steps to follow for scheduling a reading with Syd Saeed

1. Please select the desired reading & make payment using our Paypal links.

2. Please email/call between 10am and 6pm PST Monday-Friday to schedule an appointment for your reading. If you reach our voice mail, please leave a message. Your call will be returned within 48 hours (72 hours at peak times). Calls received on weekends will be returned the following business week.

Appointments are not allocated until payment is received.

3. At the appointed time for your reading, you will receive a telephone call from Syd and he will conduct your reading. If you are unavailable to or do not answer your phone, your reading must be rescheduled to another time.

4. Once payment has been received, the cost of a reading is non-refundable

In all instances and for all readings, Please ensure you read the Terms & Conditions before arranging your reading
Welcome to the Readings Page.

Our waitlist is currently open to new clients (wait times vary).
Priority readings are given to repeat clients or referrals from long term clients.

Syd offers a range of timed readings, from 15 to 60 minutes. With two payment structures.

Standard readings are self explanatory and Urgent Readings for those that may need urgent answers. (conditions apply)

Please ensure you have read our terms & conditions & privacy policy before booking your reading. By booking then proceeding with your reading, we will assume that you have read, understood, and accept those terms and conditions as set out.

Due to limited availability, Please enquire before making payment for 45 min Urgent Reading. Returning clients are advised not to book a 45 min follow up reading unless a minimum period of 3 months has elapsed. (60-minute readings available at certain times of year)

15 Minute Readings are for follow up clients only.
(Last reading of 30 minutes or more within 3 months, solely at the discretion of Syd Saeed &
Here is a nice piece you may find useful. Written by Bob Olson entitled... "Why Do Psychic Mediums Charge So Much?" 

Click Here to read the article.
Please Note: These calls are charged at $9 per
minute and use a third party provider
Click for an instant call with Syd (subject to availability) courtesy of If Syd is unavailable, you can request a callback at a time to suit you.
Standard Readings will be conducted after a 48 hour period from the time of payment being submitted, Should you require a reading within 48 hours please refer to the Urgent Reading instruction below.
20 Minute Standard Reading    -   $150
30 Minute Standard Reading    -   $200
Standard Readings
60 Minute Standard Reading    -   $400
45 Minute Standard Reading    -   $300
*Please Note*
15 Minute Readings are for follow up clients only. (Last reading of 30 minutes or more within 3 months, solely at the discretion of
15 Min Follow Up Reading*      -   $100
20 Minute Urgent Reading    -  $200
Urgent Readings
*Please Note*  Urgent Readings are Subject to availability.
*Urgent means within 48 hours of payment being submitted
(up to 72 hours at peak times)
15 Minute Urgent Reading   -   $150
30 Minute Urgent Reading    -  $300
45 Minute Urgent Reading    -  $450
Miscellaneous Payments:
This section is only used to pay a supplementary fee such as payment for additional time.
Please only use this section when & as advised by Syd Saeed. Refunds for using this section in error may result in an admin fee being deducted.
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