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The Road to Success Starts with Self Belief

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Well, I am a British born Psychic Medium, Spiritual Teacher of Indian heritage. From a very tender age I realized that I was different to other people and didn't fully know why. As a young man, I lost my father suddenly. This was a devastating event which left me in a profound state of sadness and left me feeling broken for many years. I don’t feel that the sadness has left my heart, even to this day, and I don’t think it ever will.

Despite the fact that I feel my Dad around me all the time, I simply find it too painful to communicate with him. After this tragic event I began to realize why I used to have dreams that would come to pass, even before that accident in the school playground happened! For the next 20 years I chose to ignore and deny my gift, and would put these amazing predictions and premonitions down to mere coincidence. Even my unwillingness to enter certain buildings into which I'd never set foot. I could occasionally sense spirit, some of them not the very nice type!
I spent the next 15 years working in the music biz as a manager, tour manager and agent for various bands. Although, my career choice at the time enabled me to travel the world, things were not always that easy. Possibly, due to my kind, loving and very giving nature, I was robbed of thousands of pounds. I was used by unscrupulous people for their own gain which left me broken hearted and penniless on more than one occasion. Despite this, I never lost my giving qualities or my faith in fellow man. After a while I would simply "bounce back up and start again" believing not in retribution but the power of "Karma". Eventually’ I chose to quit a profession that most would love to get into, stating "It simply doesn’t make me happy anymore, in fact it probably never did!"

Shortly afterwards, I had a vision where my late Grandfather, whom I had never met in this life, visited me in a dream. Following that, I went on to embrace my true passion, acting. Despite very minimal training I seemed to be impressing people in the UK with what many called my "Naturalistic Performances” and comedic timing.
I later began to question what I believed to be a very interesting life, and came to the conclusion that all the earlier mysterious events that led up to this stage could not be put down to mere coincidence . Still not sure at this time of my psychic abilities, I began to offer free mini readings to friends and occasionally complete strangers, sometimes even stopping people on the streets. I was being told time and time again that my readings were uncanny and that I read with great accuracy, despite having no previous knowledge of the person or any psychic or spiritual training.

After 10 years of offering free readings, and still trying to hone in on my spiritual and psychic ability but still trying to make it as a professional actor, I decided to move to Los Angeles in pursuit of my acting ambitions. Since moving to Los Angeles spirit has allowed my psychic medium abilities to flourish beyond my wildest imagination!
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