Celebrity Psychic Medium Syd Saeed is considered to be one of the top Spiritual Advisors in the world today.

The Road to Success Starts with Self Belief

Below is a selection of various publications that Syd has been privileged to be
involved with over the years.
Syd is featured in the new book by Pat Hanna, ‘Seeing Things… Predicting Results’.

The book looks at the biography of five working psychics, which will open your eyes, if not your mind to their esoteric, inexplicable world.

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Syd features in this years Directory &
International rank of United States and the World’s Best Psychics, Mediums, Healers, Astrologers & Light Workers

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Syd is Blessed and truly humbled to be chosen to feature in the March issue Belle Spirit Magazine.

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Syd is featured in the March edition of OM Times Magazine, read more by clicking on the image
Just Celebrity Magazine
Syd was feature in an article for Just Celebrity
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